The latest episode of Dan Really Likes Wine, hosted by Dan Nicholl, took a sobering look at the ongoing alcohol ban in South Africa and its impact on SA’s wine, tourism and restaurant industries. He was joined by Wines of South Africa CEO Siobhan Thompson, VINPRO MD Rico Basson, and chef and restaurateur Reuben Riffel.

The wine value chain spans jobs from many industries – from the vineyards to glass manufacture, to tourism and hospitality as well as retail and distribution. All are affected. In an article written during the previous blanket ban in August 2020, writer Malu Lambert described the extent of the industry in SA as follows:

“The South African wine industry’s GDP contribution to country’s economy is more than £2.17bn (R49bn) per annum and it creates 290,000 job opportunities directly and indirectly. And if we account for the knock-on effect on the entire supply chain, something closer to half a million jobs were at stake.”

Watch the episode below as each of Dan’s guests evaluate the ramifications of the ban, and how the industry has tried to cope.

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