Chef Peter Robertson, Complex Executive Chef for Sun City, Created Summer Flavour with Nola by using Nola Original for the base of his Wasabi Mayo Sauce. Paired with a Chilli Soy sauce, the two contrasting sauces make perfect companions for the ultimate summertime treat – calamari! The Chilli Soy Sauce and Wasabi Mayo can be served separately or, as pictured, served together in one dish. The thick Nola Original-based sauce doesn’t leak into the soy sauce until dipped into by the guest.

Ingredients (serves 10-12)

1.5kg Calamari Tubes and Tentacles
500g Corn Flour 30g Salt
50g Pepper 25g BBQ Spice, for colour

For the Wasabi Mayo Sauce
250ml Nola Original
50g Wasabi Paste

For the Chilli Soy Sauce
250ml Soya Sauce
25g Red Chilli Flakes


  • Whisk the Nola Original with the wasabi paste until smooth in consistency. Set aside until service.
  • Add the red chilli flakes to the soya sauce and set aside until service.
  • Combine the corn flour, salt, pepper and BBQ spice.
  • Dust the calamari tentacles in the seasoned corn flour and deep fry for 5 minutes, or until golden brown.
  • Serve immediately, with Wasabi Mayo and Chilli Soy Sauce on the side

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