In a first for a South African hotel group, City Lodge has gotten rid of single-use plastic from its rooms and launched an all-new range of bathroom amenities which includes a zero bar. Developed by The Bespoke Amenities Company, the range will be available across all five hotel brands – Fairview Hotel (Kenya), Courtyard Hotel, City Lodge Hotel, Town Lodge and Road Lodge.

The range includes:

Hair & Body Zero Bar Made using no water, with a dollop of avocado and argan oil, to replace liquid shampoo and liquid body wash Minus two plastic bottles and two plastic caps
Hand Bar Replaces the soap bars and made with a dollop of coconut and sunflower oil Minus two plastic flow wraps
Body Cream Enriched with shea butter and packed in recyclable aluminium tube and cap made from recycled plastic Minus plastic bottle
Shower Cap Made using corn starch Minus plastic flow wrap

The products are packaged in Forest Stewardship Council certified cardboard which is completely recyclable. If not recycled though, it poses no threat to the environment and won’t clog up landfills. The use of zero bars instead of traditional shampoo and liquid soap is also beneficial to the supply chain’s carbon footprint which previously meant water had to be shipped around the country.

The environmentally-friendly range of products will replace the current range as it runs down in each hotel. Guests are encouraged to bring the zero bars home, and they are also available for purchase at the reception.

The City Lodge Hotel Group has made a commitment to be more sustainable, with initiatives such as their cage-free egg policy. This new initiative will keep the following amounts of trash from landfill per year in future:

  • PET bottles: 688 201 units
  • Flow wraps: 1 364 954 units
  • Plastic tubes: 67 829 units
  • Boxed accessories (non-FSC board) 53 142 units

That’s a total of 2 141 434 units less of plastic in South Africa’s landfills each year.

Andrea Anderson, general manager: operations at CLHG, says: “We are very excited to take this huge step in sustainability to benefit the planet and believe we are the first hotel group in the country to go this particular route. The new bathroom amenities range leapfrogs over alternative solutions, such as dispensing systems, and reflects the latest thinking in sustainability. It also adds a bold, fun and fresh element to the guest’s in room experience. This is just one of several sustainability initiatives that CLHG is involved in. We invite guests to come on this journey with us.”

Other products available on request from reception will include:

Shave Kit Packed individually. Corn starch handle launching within six months. Minus plastic packaging
Dental Kit Handle made from Moso bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource; no pesticides or fertilisers required; while growing the bamboo from this toothbrush helped to purify air and creating oxygen. Tooth powder tablets launching within six months. Minus plastic toothbrush, toothpaste tube and flow wrap
Vanity Kit Packed individually and cotton bud stems made from paper Minus cellophane wrapper and plastic stems of cotton buds
Sanitary Bag 100% post-consumer plastic Minus “virgin” plastic
Shoe Mitt Reusable and can be washed when dirty
Sewing Kit Packed individually Minus plastic wrapping


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