Chef Jason Kosmas, previously of The Stack and Chefs Warehouse, Bree Street restaurants in Cape Town, has been appointed Head Chef of The Pot Luck Club.

The 28-year-old took over the kitchen in February and, on his new position at one of Chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ restaurants, says: “I’ve always admired Luke and of course I’ve kept an eye on his incredible achievements since I finished my studies at the ICA. Honestly, I don’t think there is a chef in this country who wouldn’t want to work with Luke.”

“I spent my earliest years in Tuscany where food is so simple and seasonal – not to be fashionable but it’s because that’s how everyone in Italy has eaten for centuries”, he says, “and that’s what I love about The Pot Luck Club too – that seasonal and local ingredients are the heroes and we build the dining experience around that.”

Jason will be working together with Chef Luke Dale-Roberts to introduce some new ideas and concepts to The Pot Luck Club menu in April, but they plan to keep plenty of the favourites that keep diners coming back for more. Some of the new dishes that have begun to appear on the menu include Linefish Escabeche with citrus and saffron, basil oil and fresh grapefruit as well as the Chocolate & Passion Fruit dessert.

Chef Luke believes that Jason is ready to take The Pot Luck Club on to new heights: “to work in an already-established restaurant means you need to have a combination of honed skills so you can hit the ground running, natural ability and of course a leadership style that mirrors the culture of the company and I feel Jason has all of these”, says Luke. “I know Jason is the person to take the Pot Luck Club to the next level”, he adds.

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