Diners at Gåte at Quoin Rock can look forward to a new fine dining experience thanks to new Head Chef Jack Coetzee. The restaurant will focus on ‘micro-terroir cuisine’, using hyper-local ingredients sourced from the wine estate itself as well as the surrounding area.

By embracing the unique flavors of their surroundings and building dishes around them, Chef Jack Coetzee and his team will be celebrating all things local such as fynbos varieties, raw honey, Wagyu beef and fresh herbs and vegetables from the Quoin Rock nursery – all of which are affected by the area’s terroir.

Jack, who originally hails from Zimbabwe and previously worked at The Test Kitchen, is looking forward to the challenge of adapting the micro-terroir concept to Gåte at Quoin’s philosophy of innovation. His three-step approach is all about making food tasty as well as surprising and thought-provoking. It starts with sourcing the perfect ingredient and applying the correct technique to it, then finding the perfect complimentary ingredients that will take the main ingredient to the next level. Lastly, it’s all about the wow factor – onions for dessert for example – and finding what will get people talking and coming back.

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