Peermont Hotels, Casinos and Resorts is proud to announce the appointment of Charlene Ludick to the position of Regional General Manager of Peermont Global Botswana. In her new role, Ludick will be responsible for providing leadership management and strategic guidance in all facets of the business. She will focus on Peermont’s Botswanan based properties and casinos, including The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort, a gem of the African continent.

Described as an ambitious go-getter, Ludick, who has been in the gaming industry just shy of 30 years, started working for Peermont in 2018 when she was appointed as General Manager at Thaba Moshate Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort. She jumped at the opportunity to grow further in her career and immediately applied for the Regional Manager position when it became available. “My mother always wanted me to become a lawyer or a doctor, but that was never on the cards for me. I fell in love with the gaming industry; it’s where my true passion lies and where I’m able to reach my full potential,” says Ludick. “I’m extremely excited about this new venture and feel confident to tackle new challenges and to capitalise on any new opportunities that might present itself. I’m certain that working with an exceptional team will result in improvement and progress, as we work towards developing our properties within the region into the best gaming and hospitality destinations in Botswana.”

With an extensive educational background and practical experience in the gaming industry – ranging from Cash Desk, Group Marketing Manager – Operations, various gaming positions as well as managerial and leadership roles, Ludick was regarded the most suited and best-qualified candidate for this position. Working across well-known casino groups, both nationally and internationally, has grown Ludick’s capabilities from strength-to-strength, enabling her to add value to the group and steer the business in the right direction.

Ludick has her sights set on empowering her team to improve overall efficiencies and ensure that outcomes are diligently met. She says she’s inspired by Peermont’s focused customer service and people-first approach, an ideal that is deeply rooted in Peermont’s mission.

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