All Capsicum and The Private Hotel School students will now have access to a selection of courses online, thanks to the schools’ partnership with online training company Lobster Ink.

Lobster Ink is a leading online hospitality educator, and access to their courses comes at no extra cost to the students. ProChef is part of Lobster Ink’s learning library; it makes use of detailed high-definition video content and teaches food science principals and latest techniques.

Says Capsicum and Private Hotel School MD Renee Hill: “Three factors led to the decision to acquire the Lobster Ink product into our teaching and learning portfolio – the nature of the current generation of students, technological advancements and the demands placed on higher education institutions to adequately prepare students for the workplace.

“We believe that a traditional lecture format is no longer the best means to teach students and while we cannot move away from it entirely, our aim is to introduce alternative means to better address the needs of a diverse student body who all engage with the learning process very differently, she explains.

Adds Erika Theron, academic manager of Capsicum and TPHS: “Lobster Ink produced the ProChef® 1 Learning Path in collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America. This state-of-the-art product gives our students access to top quality video material to consume prior to attending their theory lessons, giving them exposure to topics and concepts so they may rationalise these before the same content is taught by their lecturer. This helps them retain information more easily and take learning further during class discussions. It is an extremely valuable tool to add to our students’ learning material and since it is included in their course fees, everyone has access.”

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