A twist on a classic that uses hearty root vegetables instead of potatoes, this makes for a great side served family style.

Butternut Sweet Potato Bake

1,2kg Butternut, peeled and sliced 1cm thickness
500g Sweet potato, washed and sliced 1cm thickness
10g Sugar
500ml Meadowland Classique
6g Thyme
20g Garlic


  • In a pot, bring to a pail all the ingredients with herbs and cream and immediately remove from heat.
  • Rub the dish with Marvello Multi-purpose fat spread.
  • Place the slices of butternut and sweet potato in the dish, alternating the layers.
  • Bake with foil on until tender – once tender, place under the grill for colour and serve.
  • One could add parmesan or bread crumbs to the top for variety.
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