The smell of freshly brewed coffee is an enticing one, and the popularity of this beverage has gone from strength to strength in South Africa. As coffee shops pop up all over the country to meet demand, the industry has become more competitive. If you own a coffee shop and are thinking of upgrading your equipment, or expanding your offering, to meet the needs of your discerning patrons, you’ll find that coffee equipment is an expensive investment. However, it’s an investment worth making in order to keep ahead of the game. We asked George Karatzas from the Specialty Coffee Association of South Africa for his advice on the essential equipment to invest in for your coffee shop.

Espresso machine: The minimum requirement for a coffee shop is a 2-group espresso machine with volumetric dosing and preferably a dual boiler system (espresso/hot water and steam) incorporating P.I.D controller and saturated brew groups for consistent espresso shots. It’s recommended that one also install a water filtration system. For an extremely good quality, user-friendly machine, an investment of between R85 000 and R130 000 is called for.

Coffee grinder: Essential for a streamlined coffee operation is an on-demand grinder that incorporates steeples grind adjustment. This gives an even, consistent grind quality and reliable electronic dosing, which provides volume control for both espresso extraction and cost control on coffee consumption. A grinder of the quality required will range between R15 000 and R30 000.

Bar blender: Many coffee shops have expanded their menu beyond just espresso and cappuccino, and in this case a quality blender is necessary. One should look for a double-sealing commercial bar blender that is capable of crushing ice, and prices range between R10 000 and R18 000.

Coffee accessories: Essential long-lasting accessories for a coffee shop include a good quality stainless steel flat face tamper, a tamp mat, cleaning materials, quality milk frothing jugs and milk thermometers. These will cost around R 2 000.

Filter coffee equipment:  To make filter coffee, one will need a drip filter system specifically for brewing filter coffee. The system will be either a manual pour over method or an automatic coffee machine using either glass coffee pots or flasks. The pour over system will be approximately R 2 000 each and the automatic system will cost R 5 000.

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