Avanti Coffee has a brand-new look and feel that will breathe new life into the company’s well-established brand and corporate identity. Drawing inspiration from Avanti’s legacy and values, the rebrand is a love letter to coffee in all its forms, while telling a story about the passion of the artisans who make it.

“We wanted Avanti’s fun and quirky personality to come out and play a little more, to share coffee experiences that people not only taste but feel,” says Mark Blanckenberg, Managing Partner at Avanti Coffees. “Avanti Coffee’s main playground until this point has been the business-to-business domain, but we wanted to tap into the retail and consumer segments, and so we have chosen an identity that can work well in both environments.”

Various brand elements have been redesigned as part of the transformation, including the brand’s logo and visual language that was originally developed in 2008.

Avanti also perked up its in-store experience with vibrant new colour palettes designed to delight customers, along with more engaging signage for corporate and retail concepts. In addition, the new look and feel has been carried into product packaging, and is beautifully evident across Avanti’s newly-designed website.

“With the brand growing its presence in the consumer space, packaging the Avanti experience to appeal directly to the end user was a major goal,” says Blanckenberg. “Now, whether someone is enjoying one of our premium blends while at the office, a restaurant, or hotel, they’re definitely feeling that special Avanti magic.”

The quality of Avanti’s distinctly flavourful and expertly-roasted coffees remains unchanged, with Avanti’s original blend staying the brands flagship coffee. To this, Avanti has introduced an African, Certified, Single Origin and Estate blend to its charming, strong and sophisticated range.

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