AURUM Restaurant in Sandton has announced the launch of its new seasonal menu, which will focus on all things fresh and champion each element in its simplicity.

Paulo Santo, MD and Senior Partner, has said that the team have steered away from focusing on just one hero ingredient, but will instead work towards showcasing all the ingredients on the plate. “Our new menu will not just honour a well-marbled piece of meat or a fresh fillet of fish, but through technique and careful manipulation, we have strived to hero all the accompaniments that bring the dish to life. We want our patrons to enjoy a unique and exciting experience with every bite,” says Paulo.

Dishes include a beetroot starter with tartisanal Stracciatella cheese, Prawn Risotto and Ricotta Gnocchi. For dessert, the new AURUM “Magnum” Ice Cream wows with its frozen caramel mousse, hazelnuts and dark chocolate.

“Changing the AURUM menu seasonally is a chance for our chefs to deliver new expression and for us to progress as a restaurant. It also allows for our team to develop, and for us to deliver new knockout showpieces for our patrons to indulge in,” says Paulo.

Inspired by contemporary European cuisine, AURUM’s dishes are restrained in order to showcase the best of local producers, farmers and artisans.

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