Here’s a look at the full line-up of chefs taking part in the online Festive Vegan and Plant Powered Show on Saturday the 28th of November. They’ll be participating in The Plant Kitchen and in a series of masterclasses and meet and greets.

Chris Erasmus | Foliage
Demonstration: Pan roasted cauliflower, cauliflower puree, stinging nettle velouté, charred beets
Time: 13h15- 13h35*

Dion Vengatass | Violet by Vengatass
Demonstration: Tandoori mushrooms, charred eggplant caviar, masala roasted cashew nut, mushroom ragout, granola mix, mushroom sago cracker, crisp peppery and tangy herbs.
Time: 14h35*

Elisha Madzivadondo | Sunshine Food Co
Demonstration: A delicious vegan burger that people travel kilometers to try. It comprises a beetroot burger bun, sunflower microgreens, pea shoots, alfalfa sprouts, black beans, lentil sprouts, chana (chickpea dhal), red capsicum, sweet corn, humus, avocado, veggie patty and pickled red onion.
Time: 15h30 – 15h45*

Gaz Oakley | Avant-Garde Vegan
Demonstration: Stuffed squash with glazed onions, Christmas rice and sautéed mushrooms.
Time: 15h00 – 15h20*
Meet & Greet: with Gaz Oakley
Time: 15h20 – 15h50*

Hope Mdakane | Winner of the SA Chefs Assoc competition
Demonstration: Vegan dark chocolate entremet with honeycomb, peach and chocolate mint compote and salted caramel ice cream. His winning dish is a vegan dessert inspired by his grandmother’s trifle.
Time: 15h55 – 16h10*

Jason Kosmas | The Pot Luck Club
Demonstration: The Green Dish – with kimchi marinated kohlrabi, jalapeno avocado and an apple and celery sauce – is a collaboration with Luke Dale Roberts.
Time: 16h20*

Jay McNamara (Chef Jay Mac) | The Kind Kitchen
Demonstration: How to master the art of cooking with delicious oyster mushrooms and aubergines. He’ll be showcasing two types of high quality and protein packed misos to create a glaze and delicious umami flavour. He will also demonstrate how to combine this with plant-based yoghurt, seasonal greens and fermented blueberries in Taiwanese inspired bao buns.
Time: 11h20 – 11h40*
Demonstration: Pimped up buffalo brussels sprouts and tofu and vegetable stir fry (with Mishkah Gool)
Time: 16h40 – 16h45*

Jenny Morris | The Giggling Gourmet
Demonstration: Moroccan Pasta Salad and A Jug of Love
Time: 13h40 – 14h10*

Luke Dale Roberts | Test Kitchen Origins
Demonstration: The Green Dish – with kimchi marinated kohlrabi, jalapeno avocado and an apple and celery sauce – is a collaboration between Dale Roberts and Jason Kosmas, the head chef of The Pot Luck Club, another restaurant owned by Dale Roberts.
Time: 16h20 – 16h40*

Mia Smith | The Green Dietitian
Demonstration: Spiced chai vegan eggnog
Time: 15h45 – 15h50*

Mishkah Gool | B-Well
Demonstration: (With Chef Jay Mac) Tofu and vegetable stir fry and vegan garlic buffalo brussels sprouts.
Time: 16h40 – 16h45*

Nicola Kagoro (aka Chef Cola) | African Vegan on a Budget
Demonstration: Beet Wellington, collard greens with peanut butter and African fused mashed potato
Time: 14h15 – 14h30*

Peter Lebese (aka Thee Gintleman)
Demonstration: Festive cocktails. “I want to showcase the beauty of our spirits but also the nostalgic essence of it to, so I kept the drinks really simple to create. So, come on the train to flavour town with me and learn how to make Is It Tea Time?  & Just Jamming.”
Time: 11h45 – 11h55* & 16h10 – 16h20*

Simon Toohey | MasterChef Australia
Demonstration: Interactive masterclass with uCook. Baked rice, eggplant and leek hotpot with olives, dill and parsley
Time: 12h00-12h45*
Meet & Greet: with Simon Toohey
Time: 12h45 – 13h15*

The six-hour event will run from 11:00 to 17:00 and is a precursor to next year’s Vegan & Plant Powered Shows (VPPS), scheduled to take place in Cape Town and Johannesburg (dates tbc). Tickets are R120 and available from Quicket – click here to purchase.

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