plane cake


It took 157 eggs, 90kg of cake flour and 4kg of baking powder to create the half-a-ton Boeing 737-800 plane cake which was created the 20th anniversary of the franchise partnership between British Airways and Comair.


Designed and baked by Paul Vieira and his team at Cake Extreme and is modelled on the new plane which will be joining the Comair fleet. A large component of the celebration is the cake, complete with rotating turbines in the engines, and wiring for navigation lights, making it the most complex and realistic confection made yet by Cake Extreme.


Vieira says designing the cake has required hours of researching the aircraft to establish its proportions, then measuring and cutting materials. In the same way that the real aircraft is a marvel of design and manufacturing that harnesses physics, so the cake brings some demands. In order to stand on its undercarriage, the sponge-cake that makes up the fuselage has an internal framework of metal, wood and polystyrene. “The wings, elevator and rudder are made of these materials, for example, and all must be covered with hygienic foil, food glue and fondant. The aircraft’s livery will be added last,” says Vieira, “I always dreamt of piloting an airliner, but making a cake that looks like one is not only hard work and immensely enjoyable; it’s also a reminder of just how much we rely on technology for many important aspects of our lives, like business.”

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