Chosen from the 19 SA Olive gold seal award winners which were selected after evaluating almost 90 local olive oils from the 2017 harvest, the Absa top 10 olive oils are:

Delicate (2): Mount Ceder – EVOO and Rio Largo – Gold EVOO

Medium (2): Serrado – EVOO and Wildekrans – Keerweer EVOO

Intense (6): Morgenster – EVOO, Porterville Olives – Andante Intenso, De Rustica Estate – Estate Collection Coratina, Mardouw – Premium XXV Intense, Marbrin Olive Growers – Directors Reserve and Kransfontein – Coratina EVOO

This year’s panel of judges included Reni Hildenbrand, Benedetta Lami and Linda Costa – local olive oil experts who regularly serve on international judging panels – and SA Olive tasting members, Birgitta Hofmeyr and Hazel Henman. Sue Langstaff, an international olive oil expert and sensory scientist from California was the panel leader. “What distinguishes a superb from a good olive oil? Its perfect levels of balance, complexity, harmony and freshness. And these ten olive oils do not disappoint,” explains Langstaff.

According to SA Olive chairperson, Nick Wilkinson, South African olive oil producers produce world-class olive oils that continuously receive acclaim in competitions across the world.  “The SA Olive Awards which culminate in the announcement of the prestigious Absa Top 10 give local consumers a taste of the best of the best. SA Olive provides assurance that these competitions maintain international standards and thus gives consumers the confidence that buying SAO approved olive oils is the wise choice.”

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