The Newmark Hotel group has announced that 100% of its employees – across all luxury lodges, hotels and residences – are now fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

This is following the implementation of the company’s ‘I Am Vaccinated’ campaign, which launched last year to assist all staff, from remote lodges to city hotels, to get vaccinated.

“In 2021, we launched an internal campaign called ‘I Am Vaccinated’, which was rolled out to all of our hotels and properties,” explains Mike Vroom, Executive Director for Newmark Africa. “We needed to be able to reopen our industry properly and safely ahead of the summer season and started a programme to help our staff by providing resources for transport and allowing for time off to be taken to get the Covid-19 vaccine.”

“We as a property management company have made it a priority to provide our staff with the necessary resources and assistance in order to reach this 100% vaccination status – not only for the protection of our guests, but for our staff as well.”

Newmark CEO and founder Neil Markovitz says that as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s how we choose to face the present challenges that will define our future. “As a family our empathy and shared sense of hope will continue to drive our efforts to ensure a safe environment for all who engage with us.”

“Looking after people is our business and we just didn’t see how to fulfill this responsibility without taking decisive action, and so implemented our “I Am Vaccinated” campaign.  We also feel that vaccines are crucial to restoring confidence in the safety of South Africa as a destination and by vaccinating all of our staff we can instill confidence amongst our guests in all of Newmark’s hotels, reserves and lodges.”

In addition to the vaccination drive, Newmark has pioneered a higher standard of sanitation and cleanliness across its portfolio with its ‘Safe & Clean Commitment’ which was launched in 2020. The teams have remained committed to adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols, including daily fogging of rooms and the removal and replacement of high touch items. This pioneering move has stood the company in good stead as more hotels and properties began to reopen and welcome guests from across the world.

“While emphasising our world-class Covid-19 health and safety protocols, we can also say that when guests arrive, they will be in contact with staff who are vaccinated. We look forward to welcoming guests to our properties and restaurants and assure the highest standard of Covid-compliance and cleanliness across the board,” concludes Markovitz.

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