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Hospitality Marketplace is an online magazine that’s all about the hospitality industry. We are based in South Africa, so you can expect the latest news about South African’s hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, B&Bs and other establishments. We also profile and interview the people that make the magic happen behind the scenes – the chefs, general managers, receptionists, housekeepers, owners, waiters and bartenders that bring their personal touch to the establishment they work in. We find out where they’re from, the challenges they’ve overcome to get where they are as well as find out their professional secrets, for the benefit of all in the hospitality industry.


Hospitality Marketplace also covers the latest food and beverage news, product launches, information on the South African travel and tourism industry, as well as both in-house and tertiary training initiatives for those in the hospitality industry. Sustainability is also a big focus and we cover how South African establishments are doing their part to ensure sustainable practise with regards to water and electricity conservation, sustainable ingredients, and eco-friendly builds. Industry leaders give advice on human resources, team building and careers, as well as opinions on what’s happening in the world of hotels, restaurants and hospitality. You can also expect news on wine, tea, coffee and other beverages, as well as the latest awards news in the hospitality industry.


Hospitality Marketplace also looks at the latest décor trends that are being seen in the South African and global hospitality industry. We’ll discuss uniforms, fittings, textiles, flooring and furniture, as well as bathroom fixtures and overall interior design. Hospitality Marketplace also discusses new equipment and appliances for use throughout the industry, including kitchen equipment and smalls, cleaning and hygiene products. Technology is also a big focus, and we discuss the latest in-house apps, point of sale systems and booking websites that streamline the hospitality industry’s workload.

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