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The area around Novy Bor has a long history of glass production. The first written records regarding glass making in this area date from the eleventh century. In 1444, a glassworks factory named Chribska was established. It is now the oldest continuously operating glassworks factory in central Europe. The golden period of glass production in the Novy Bor region was in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was at this time that Bohemian glass factories and artisans began exporting their work around the world.

  • 1945 decree of nationalization of large industrial companies.
  • 1948 the state-owned Borocrystal company was established. It brought together approximately 55 small glass-making companies and the state-owned company Umelecke sklo. Also in 1948, the Skloexport (Glassexport) company was established. This company was responsible for the exporting of Czech glass for more than 40 years.
  • 1974 the name Crystalex was introduced. The head office was located in Novy Bor. From there, factories in Novy Bor, Kamenicky Senov, Harrachov, Chribska, and the research department in Novy Bor were run. Glassworks Bohemia in Podebrady, glassworks Cesky kristal in Chlum u Trebone, glassworks Moser in Karlovy Vary and glassworks Moravske sklarny in Kvetna (which operated factories at Kvetna, Karolinka and Vrbno) were also operated at arms-length under the Crystalex umbrella.
  • 1989 the glassworks Moser moved out of the Crystalex umbrella.
  • 1990 the glassworks Bohemia in Podebrady moved out of the Crystalex umbrella. Later the same year, glassworks Sklo Bohemia – Svetla nad Sazavou emerged from glassworks Bohemia in Podebrady.
  • 1991 the glassworks Egermann-Exbor moved out of the Crystalex umbrella.
  • 1994 the company was converted to Crystalex a.s. (a publicly traded company), but the government retained all shares.
  • May 21st 1997 the Czech government decided to sell most of Crystalex shares to Porcela Plus a.s. Today, Crystalex a.s. runs the following glassworks: Novy Bor, Karolinka, Vrbno pod Pradedem .
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